BT-13B, 42-89683, wreck in White Mountains

BT-13B, 42-89683, wreck in White Mountains, Arizona, on October 13, 1944

Flying to Marana Army Air Field (Tucson) from Albuquerque, BT-13B (42-89683) crashed in the White Mountains while attempting to avoid a thunderstorm on October 13, 1944. Lt. Kenneth Ray was killed in the wreck, but S/Sgt. Edgar M. Rutter survived. S/Sgt. Rutter was able to hike off the mountain and reach McNary. One newspaper article reported Rutter arrived in McNary "bruised and dazed."

Below are a few photos from a long, long time ago. Hopefully, I'll make it back up there one day and photograph everything with a digital camera.

Not much remains of the BT-13 locted high in the White Mountains.

Remains of one of the wings.

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Rollbar from the BT-13.