OA-10 44-34036 crash SW of Grants, NM on August 1 1945

OA-10 (Catalina) 44-34036 crash on New Mexico lava field

Noticing the OA-10 (PBY) Catalina had one gear up and one gear down, a passing P-51 circled the Catalina and contacted the aircraft. According to the Army Air Forces mishap report, the OA-10 reported everything was under control. The P-51 pilot also noticed smoke from the #1 engine and contacted the OA-10. Again, the OA-10 reported everything was under control. A short time later, the OA-10 crashed killing all seven men onboard.

1st Lt. Wilson H. Parker

1st Lt. William T. Bartlett

1st Lt. James J. Garland

Sgt. Irwin S. Marcus

Sgt. Robert L Crook

Sgt. Harold Post

Sgt. John M. Jackson

Remains of the tail section

One of the main landing gears.

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Examining one of the drop tanks at the crash site.

(U.S. Air Force photo) -- Consolidated OA-10 Catalina at the National Museum of the United States Air Force.

Challenging hike over lava to get to the crash site. Good place to test out your boots, or tear them up.

Nose gear and other debris at the crash site.

"28" Really hard to see, but 28 is the manufacturer prefix for an OA-10 (PBY) Catalina.

Portion of the wing (upside down).

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