OS2U-3, 42-29565, crash in SE Arizona, October 12, 1941

Vought Kingfisher crash in Chiricahua Mountains

Sky Island: Chiricahua Mountains

OS2U-3 was on a ferry flight from NAS New York to NAS San Diego. The Kingfisher departed El Paso on the way to Tucson. The crash occurred at dusk in the Chiricahua Mountains. The left wing of the plane struck a tree moments before the aircraft crashed into the mountain. According to the aircraft record card, the striking of the tree threw passenger RM1C Roher out of the aircraft saving his life. Pilot Sgt. McMahon was killed in the crash.

Broke my camera on this hike (I’m talking old school 35mm camera). Might post more pictures if I ever make it back to the crash site.

Hooking up OS2U-3 Vought Kingfisher to bring it back onboard USS Pennsylvania  (U.S. Navy photo)

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Engine mount and other scattered debris.

Small scattered debris. There was more debris a little higher up.

Propeller shaft.